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Media Training progress5

The 7 Secrets to Choose the Right Media Training

Media trainings for spokespersons can involve a lot of different approaches and training topics. What…
IT project communication to benefit from strategic advantages.

Strategic Advantage Through IT Project Communication

It is not only the involved group of insiders who are responsible for a successful…

Enrich Storytelling With Cross-Department Collaboration

It was during a media and interview training for an executive of an IT business…

PR For Enterprise Software: Consider Decision Processes

Get complex enterprise software solutions appropriately covered in target media? For this it is key…

Visuals For Unique B2B Brands

Give your brand and business a very own identity to be unique at first glance.…

Storytelling That Works

Based on comprehensive technology and industry knowledge we are specialized in story development and creation,…

Internet of Things – A Strategy For Networked Thinking

The widely quoted survey from McKinsey Global Institute about the Internet of Things (IoT) reveals…

Sustainable Business Development

For a sustainable business development, we focus on self-amplifying strategies by combining qualified lead generation…

Intergeo 2015 – Value-Driven Geospatial Business Models

Geospatial is one of the hottest industries today with major impact on almost every other…
Sustainable business growth: Think about your Go-To-Market strategy

Go-To-Market Challenges 2015

Survival of the fittest: Besides all other success criterias, a company’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy can be…
How GPS navigation systems and geospatial data are changing automotive industry.

LBS goes Automotive: Location Matters

I like my regularly discussions with decision makers, colleagues and friends from the automotive industry,…
E-Mobility: Time is now ready to get up and make progress.

TESLA & Co – Challenger in Central Europe

Time of change might be close: Some of my friends are currently thinking about purchasing…