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Management Team

progress5 is a partnership company with focus on international brand & business development – a team of experts for high-tech sales and business development, communication strategies, journalism and PR as well as photography and video.

Bernhard Jungwirth

Management consultant and well-known IT expert with comprehensive professional experience in sales management and business development, working for international high-tech companies. He improves progress and performance of global projects and helps start-ups to succeed in German markets and across Europe.

Gisela Knabl

Senior communications specialist for industries like enterprise-IT, life sciences, energy and sustainability as well as finance und management consulting. With an eye for new perspectives, she creates convincing concepts for communication strategies, especially for complex industrial topics and innovative technologies.

Joachim Wendler

Successful photojournalist and IT editor with various professional experience teaming up with leading high-tech and business magazines. He has a sharp eye to get the perfect winner’s smile of German top executives and a precise sense for effective corporate communications.