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Get complex enterprise software solutions appropriately covered in target media? For this it is key that journalists know you as a reliable source for hot topics, exclusive thoughts and valuable advice, which go beyond general knowledge. What does that mean for PR?

Product news and features are an important, but just a standard aspect for PR activities. Essential for high-quality stories is expert knowledge about the challenges connected with a ­­­­software solution as well as relevant current trends.

Essential for high-quality storytelling for enterprise software is expert knowledge about the challenges connected with software solutions as well as relevant current trends.

This means, PR especially has to take into consideration the decision processes of enterprise software procurement, which depends on a variety of issues: From the availability of migration paths to individual change strategies for existing IT environments, or from implementation methods to approaches for further technical development, or from enterprise culture to needs for global support.

Therefore, enterprise software needs PR agencies experienced in combining current business or IT discussions with a client’s solution portfolio: As for today this means for example to consider how a enterprise software impacts industry 4.0 or Internet of Things (IoT) strategies? Is there an impact on the rising culture of enterprise social collaboration? Does it affect cloud initiatives or new business respectively service models? What kinds of capabilities are relevant for specific industries or business objects?

Just these few aspects demonstrate the possible bunch of stories with high media feedback around just one product. It just needs a broader view and readiness to take different perspectives. This does not only enhance coverage. In collaboration with marketing and sales this broader view on products can spark inspiring new approaches in customer and partner interaction.

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Author: Gisela Knabl

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