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Accelerate sales success, enter new markets, communicate in effective and compelling ways – we offer new approaches and perspectives to position complex business models, products and services in the market.

This is what progress5 stands for: A team of experts in sales and business development, communication strategies, journalism and PR as well as photography and video – each of us with many years of experience in various industries, familiar with the networked processes of large and medium-sized enterprises as well as the specific challenges in start-ups.


What makes our teamdifferent? 


Extend with us your resources demand-oriented - whether on a short-term and project-oriented basis or in the long-term as an integrated part of your team.


Benefit from our comprehensive expert network and accelerate access to decision-makers, new markets and target groups.


Take advantage of our specific expertise in many industries as well as our long-term experience in business development and communications.


Let's consider a few

Long-term customer relationships, short-term projects, complex communication strategies, ad-hoc PR campaigns, great ideas and little assistance - how can this be summed up?

years of digital experience
successful projects
CxO meetings
unique texts


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An overview of our
industry competences

High-tech in every way is our passion in communication and business development – from superior strategies to technological details.

from hardware, enterprise software, mobile applications and IT security up to industry 4.0 and M2M technology, cloud, big data and analytics.

from satellite-based geodata capturing and navigation to business models based on geo-referenced data for different industry needs.

from research and development to product marketing and market education for biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

from efficient energy supply, innovative mobility and modern urban development to environmental technology and sustainable use of resources.

from omnichannel-commerce, online-marketing and media production to artificial intelligence, virtual reality and targeting for online trading.

from professional mobile applications and field services up to consumer electronics, devices and applications.

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