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It is not only the involved group of insiders who are responsible for a successful IT project as “positive influencers“. Everybody who doesn’t want to waste time with critical concomitants caused by changes of the current IT environment within companies will finally start to communicate.

Eventually all IT projects do have various bearings on different company departments, processes and worklflows. Therefore it is necessary to get a larger group of people involved in the communication process – that includes responsible managers of indirect involved departments, who can point to hidden chances or risks, as well as employees, to equate possible shortages and prepare future changes, the sales and marketing team, to prevent from irritation concerning customers and partners and finally the PR and corporate communications team, to proactively use IT projects for corporate image enhancement.

IT project communication to leverage return on investment

Transform Former Critics to Allies
Structured IT project communication is the key – especially if an IT project is connected to change management which is not the core business of internal and external IT project teams. So it makes sense to engage an external service provider who is specialized on that. Together with the IT project managers in charge they will clarify the target groups, timing and content of the intended communication and implement the infomation flow: Whether internal newsletter, intranet blog, microsite with newsgroups and background information, corporate social media channels or simply an info point within the own caferteria – the selection of communication channels and the range of information will be carefully adjusted to target groups and their demand.

A sophisticated mix of familiar communication channels and innovative procedures helps to stimulate a positive exchange of all parties, reduce possible defensive demeanor and transform former critics to allies.

Professional Communication Stimulates Cooperation
With successfull professional communication, IT project teams have more to win than to lose by their engagement on communication. If information politics works well there will be a decrease of inquiries, late pleas and uncoordinated requirements as well as a decline of rumors and uncertainty. In fact there will be an increase of cooperation and flexibility.

A better understanding about IT related challenges will change the stance of IT users on possible problems. Particularly it is a proven fact that communication service provider with dedicated experience in IT projects and extensive technical knowledge are able to coordinate and deploy the distributed information on IT projects in a quick, efficient and focused manner.

Talk to us when your next IT project is visible on the horizon – take the chance to leverage from our initial IT project communication workshops! This is an easy and practical way to clarify how we can support you – to make your future IT project a sustainable success story.

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Author: Gisela Knabl

(Photo: Joachim Wendler)