Doing business in Germany using effective messages to address the German market: Corporate communication needs variety, guiding employees, developing partnerships and satisfying customers. We make use of synergies, establish an innovative media mix and integrate related business processes. We offer new perspectives - progress5, Munich (Germany).

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Companies intending to strike a new path in corporate communications.



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Effective messages addressing web, print and events: corporate communications needs variety – to guide employees, develop partnerships, inspire customers and create attention in the media: we use synergies, develop an innovative communication strategy and network processes.



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business development

Focusing on the essentials: corporate communications needs interconnection with business objectives – we develop your individual approach to target groups, consequently focused on your growth strategies.



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Consistent approach with ever new aspects: corporate communications needs storytelling – clear and credible in the media, consistently positioned and inspiring in presentation and PR activities.



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Visuals convey corporate values: corporate communications needs recognition – with a consistent imagery across all communication channels.



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Sustainable success in German speaking markets: progress5 - brand and business development - market entry - lead generation :: Munich (Germany).


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